Wood that is turned, shaped, and finely finished wants to be touched by your hand.  For centuries, woodturners have crafted usable products made from special woods that are both beautiful and utilitarian.  Overtime, wood fits the hands that hold it.  Wood products are durable, meant to wear well over time and to show their good use.  Wood that is turned for a purpose lasts and adds value to its household.

OnceATre selects woods based on the richness of their coloration, grain characteristics, and turnability to create pieces that appeal to your eye as well as your hand.  Some woods are exotic and selected from international vendors, always in keeping with CITES’ protection of endangered plants.  Tropical woods are more extreme in color and texture than domestic woods and their range of rich, contrasting values make for stunning wood shapes.  OnceATre turns maple, ash, cedar, oak, walnut, and beech that is grown and harvested in Door County, WI. 

All OnceATre wood products are finished with non-allergenic, kitchen-safe treatments.  Wood wants to be used, washed and dried by hand, and appreciates a dab of wood oil, now and then.